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Pre-Loved Fashion without the Hassle.

At Swoop, we want to help consumers make low-cost fashion choices that don’t have a severe impact on the environment.

That’s why we’ve built the Swoop extension to help shoppers discover low-cost, second-hand alternatives to the latest trends. We want to shift consumer behaviour away from instinctively buying fast fashion to buying second-hand as a more affordable alternative.

Swoop is currently in Beta testing, and we are eager to gain feedback from users to help guide future developments. Once Swoop has fundraised, we plan to release the Swoop app that uses visual search technology allowing shoppers to upload a product image or an influencer’s photo and be instantly matched with second-hand alternatives to those products.

If you would like to leave your feedback, or discuss potential investment opportunities, please get in touch.

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© 2023. Swoop